How to make chicken enpanadas. 

Ingredients are: 

⚪3 boneless chicken breast


⚪2 packs of Disc


⚪First I boiled the chicken breast until cooked and soft

⚪Then I put the breast in big bowl and shredded it with a fork and a knife

⚪I seasoned it to my liking- you are free to season how you want it. 

⚪Then you get a plate and a fork to use to seal the enpanadas. 

⚪One disc at a time you put a piece of cheese then two spoons of the shredded chicken.

⚪Fold the enpanadas over and use the fork to press down the edges.

⚪Repeat until done

⚪Fry them and enjoy. 

Nice any easy and super delicious. I also love it with hamburg meat as well. You can put just about anything in them. Like chicken and broccoli or shrimp. Be creative send me pictures of anything you made or leave comments on any that you have done that are different. Also, when you make them (don’t Fry them) you can freeze them for a rainy day. 🤗😋


Author: josyayala

I am a stay at home mom with two beautiful boys. I am a couponer. I just got married to the love of my life and father to my children in June. I am very happy even when you can't tell. I just want somewhere to express myself.

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