Oh man my husband frustrates me😣. Does not mean I don’t love him. I love him very very much❤ but Lord I wish he would do what I want him to do. Lol I wish everyone would do what I say😂. 

So I have been stuck at home all week because we are down to one car🚘. I am home all day and the kids have been on a schedule all week and it’s been going pretty well✔. He gets home today and I went to the grocery store which means I was gone for a couple of hours⌚. 

So, when I was at the store I decided to call him because even though I showed him the schedule before I left, I knew he would not be following it😒. And behold he was not. He then told me he would. I expected them to be done with homework and showered🚿. But instead he’s sitting on the couch eating a snack and watching TV📀. The boys are running around playing with toys🏃. Please explain to me how any of that makes sense🤔. His excuse was “they didn’t want to finish their homework and I was getting frustrated”. So instead of putting the homework aside and making them take a shower, he let them play😫. 

So of course I’m yelling🗣. But don’t worry I put everything back on track and cooked dinner. The day is saved by me. 🙍😣😒😫

The moral of the story is I need a vacation!! 🍹🏖

What things does your significant other do that frustrate you?. I’m sure there’s plenty. 😂🤗 Let’s laugh about it together!

Wheres my wine? I’m taking donations!🍷

Have a good night. 🏙


Author: josyayala

I am a stay at home mom with two beautiful boys. I am a couponer. I just got married to the love of my life and father to my children in June. I am very happy even when you can't tell. I just want somewhere to express myself.

One thought on “Husbands!!!!”

  1. Lol your to funny josamy..i know how you feel its not easy husband i love him very much but drives me crazy as well i always say i have another big baby always saying i need a vacation..some days i get fustrated as well we mothers have alot going on kids house cooking and so much more..but we are blessed to be able to wake up and have our family and food on the table each day..


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