Stay at home mom!! 

Being a stay at home mom you are over worked, under paid (paid in hugs and kisses😘) and very much under appreciated. 
Being a mom is such a difficult job in it’s self. And people seem to think that doing it 24/7 is a piece of cake. Oh hunny it’s the most difficult, around the clock, never ending job there is. People think moms get jobs to take brakes from their children. (That’s why I work saturdays) 😉

I love being a mom ( that’s why I want more) but it’s ok to complain sometimes and trust me I do😂. But even though you don’t get paid and your always tired and the work never ends – every night when they go to bed it is all worth it. They look like little angels😇 and I think to myself  – another day of survival for us all 🙌. Then you wake up the next morning like OMG I have to do it again😯, and your exausted because 1 the kids kept waking up, thirsty, hungry, having to pee, or their leg hurt😫. 2 you know the mornings coming and you can’t stop thinking about how you have to do it all over again⏰. 3 your mind is racing because you think of everything you did wrong and what you can do differently 😒. 

Being a mom is a blessing in it’s self🙏. Wether it’s full time or part time. A mom is a mom and even the mom’s who go to work to come home and cook and clean and do homework and tuck their babies in at night are amazing!! All moms are amazing!! There is no right way or wrong way as long as you teach your kids the value of love, kindness, respect, appreciation, and right and wrong. Just because I’m a stay at home mom doesn’t mean I am better then anyone or have it easier and just because you go to work does not mean you are better. There’s step mom, foster moms, adoptive mom’s, mother in-laws, grandmothers – we are all moms and we are all hard working women and do our best by our children the best way we know how. We should all appreciate each other and praise each other. 

You are all amazingly beautiful inside and out. God bless us all. We should be celebrated everyday. And you know we are. Every I love you, every hug, every thank you makes it all worth it. ❤

So, mom’s wrap your arms around yourself and imagine that’s me. I hug you all because I appreciate you. 🤗

Have a beautiful day!! 💐

These kids make it all worth it 😍❤


Author: josyayala

I am a stay at home mom with two beautiful boys. I am a couponer. I just got married to the love of my life and father to my children in June. I am very happy even when you can't tell. I just want somewhere to express myself.

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